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Help with Desktop Wallpaper:
How To Install Wallpapers

  Windows Users (Windows 95, 98, 2000 & NT, Me, XP):

  • Place your mouse over the image.
  • Click on the right mouse button.
  • A menu window will pop up.
  • Scroll down and highlight the option "Set As Wallpaper" and then use the left mouse button to click on it.
  • The wallpaper is now installed on your desktop.

However, the next time you repeat this procedure with another wallpaper, this one will be replaced by your new choice since it is saved as generic "Internet Explorer" or "Netscape" wallpaper in your Windows directory.

To avoid that, the best way to save a wallpaper is to:

  • right-click on image,
  • choose "Save Picture As ...",
  • save in your C:\WINDOWS directory as, very important, "BITMAP FILE" (with .bmp extension, NOT .jpg extension). You may choose any name you like for your new wallpaper.

This way, you will save this file under whatever name you wish, i.e not Netscape or Internet Explorer wallpaper, and the name of the wallpaper will show up in the desktop properties under wallpapers. That means that you can select and set your wallpapers from the desktop menu and build a very nice collection of your own wallpapers.
To get to the Windows Wallpaper control panel, go through this sequence: Start button --> Settings --> Contol Panel --->
--> Display ---> In Display Properties click on Background tab --> Choose your wallpaper from a list of available wallpaper saved in your C:\WINDOWS directory on your computer Hard Drive.

  Windows XP Users:

    WinXP makes it very easy to save pictures off the internet. If the above fails, follow windows help information. It's quite intuitive.

      Mac Users (For MAC O/S):

    • Place your mouse over the image.
    • Hold down the mouse button until the small menu appears.
    • Choose Save image as which will save the image to your hard drive.
    • Open the control panel Desktop Pictures.
    • Click Remove picture and then click Select picture.
    • Next load the new wallpaper from where you saved the image on your computer.
    • The last step is to choose Position automatically for the wallpaper.

      Users of Other Operating Systems (Unix, Linux, etc.):

    • Try setting wallpaper as you would in Windows.
    • Another avenue you may try - search the "Help" that comes with your Operating System and look for info on how install the wallpaper. I assume it should be there ...
    • If all else fails or if someone else knows how to fix your predicament, PLEASE, let us know too - and we will post it for everyone else! :o)
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